Preventative Claims Management

Contract Reviews - PAR-CMS, Inc. provides contract review services which focus on identification of "risky" contract clauses, which detail Coordination, Scheduling, Changes, Delays / Time Extensions and Dispute Resolution requirements and provide advice to clients on the best way to handle the risks involved.

Primavera© Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling - Using Primavera software, PAR-CMS, Inc. frequently assists clients in the creation of preliminary, detailed and summary level schedules which effectively communicate Owner, Architect and Contractor deadlines and performance periods.

Change Order Administration - PAR-CMS, Inc. aids clients in the contemporaneous creation of effective Change Order pricing, correspondence and summary logs enabling them properly document changes and thereby recover funds that are due and / or prevent the improper disbursements of funds not due.

Construction Claims Preparation

Project Database Development - Recognizing that project documents can be extensive and come from many sources, and in many formats, PAR-CMS, Inc. has developed a proprietary database program to catalog and generate project and claim specific information. The PAR-CMS, Inc. Construction Claims Database Report Generator is capable of generating chronological reports that detail specific excerpts from the project record rather than the standard document listing by date and bates stamp number.

Critical Path Method (CPM) Delay Analysis - From the Design phase through Preconstruction, Construction and Project Close-out, PAR-CMS, Inc. specializes in the development, maintenance and analysis of project schedules. In conjunction with basic schedule analysis, PAR-CMS, Inc. is well versed in the preparation of delay, acceleration and loss of labor efficiency impacts.

Direct and Indirect Cost Impact Analysis - Understanding that time is money--and usually lots of money--PAR-CMS, Inc.'s expertise in estimating and project management provides a sound foundation on which to prepare detailed cost impact analysis as well as prepare objective reviews of damage calculations prepared by client personnel.

Mediation / Arbitration - PAR-CMS, Inc. staff is trained in ADR methods and rules of procedure. Extensive field experience combined with claim analysis and ADR experience makes this consulting firm a valuable team asset able to provide the reports, graphic presentations, or testimony needed to provide a reasonable resolution to the dispute.

Litigation Support / Expert Testimony - When all else fails, and litigation is unavoidable, PAR-CMS, Inc. will fully coordinate our claim analysis and reporting efforts with clients fact witnesses and their legal counsel. We also assist clients in all aspects of formal discovery including document production, motion practice and depositions. Using the K.I.S.S. Principal, PAR-CMS, Inc. specializes in preparing demonstrative exhibits, which clearly communicate complex technical issues to the judge and juries trying the facts of the case.