With nearly three decades of construction experience and first-hand knowledge of how unexpected problems negatively impact the timely and profitable completion of numerous construction projects, Chris Ball formed PAR-CMS, Inc. in 1998. PAR-CMS, Inc. is a construction-consulting firm dedicated to providing Preventative Claims Management and Construction Claims Preparation & Rebuttal services to Owners, Developers, Insurance & Bonding Companies, Designers, Contractors, and their Attorneys.


Even with the best planning and management, construction projects often encounter problems that impact the project, increasing the costs and or delaying the schedule. Using industry standard construction management cost and scheduling tools in conjunction with a proprietary Project Database system, PAR-CMS, Inc. has help numerous clients objectively analyze the problems they have encountered during their respective construction projects.


During Problem identification and Analysis, PAR-CMS, Inc. works hand-in-hand with our clients and / or their attorneys to ensure all appropriate documentation is collected, organized and assembled in a coherent presentation for use in negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation forums. To this end, PAR-CMS, Inc. is committed to assisting our clients achieve fair and equitable resolutions to the multitude of construction contracting problems they all face. Since incorporation, the firm has consistently aided clients engaged in heavy and commercial construction projects with the identification and management of construction contract risks and with the recovery of funds due, as well as preventing disbursement of funds claimed but not actually due.